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The reasons for the wider range of cartoner applications are

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The reasons for the wider range of cartoner applications are

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The reasons for the wider range of cartoner applications are:

Looking at the world, turning around and looking around, everything is wrapped in a luxurious and noble appearance. How can this gorgeous appearance be packaged? This is why the sealing machine has been credited. It has been designed. The fascinating packaging box, then who put these valuable objects into this gorgeous carton, then it is necessary to talk about the packing machine.

Automatic boxing, glue bonding or tape sealing bottom in front of the boxing machine. High degree of automation, suitable for carton forming processes in beer, beverage, pharmaceutical, food and other bottled production lines, and also suitable for automatic carton forming processes in other industries.

Can be increased according to the need to increase the storage capacity of the carton; 90-degree carton board storage bin; suitable for different quality carton; fast turn box shape. YZ-CE30 molding carton board enters horizontally, which facilitates the whole molding action to achieve continuous high-speed molding of the carton. After the forming carton passes through the turning mechanism, the opening is turned upwards to enter the packing station for easy packing.

At present, many manufacturers produce in large quantities, and product packaging becomes a problem. If it is installed manually, it will take time and effort. However, if the packing machine introduced by the manufacturer of the Tiankey packaging machine is used, it is another concept, saving labor and labor. Save resources and eliminate the boring and tedious packing. The packing machine is currently used in every industry in the world. You have used countless packing machines every day. This is the packing machine. The reasons why companies must use, life can not be separated from packaging, but also can not be separated from the box.

Nowadays, the social living level is not advanced with the old-style oxcart, but is being collapsed with high-tech aircraft. Don’t fall by the times, let alone be abandoned by packaging. Focus on the packing machine, you will always win. Starting line.

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