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Solve the problem of stack failure of the conveyor

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Solve the problem of stack failure of the conveyor

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When transporting various materials and beverage bottling materials, the conveyor is a standard chain plate as the bearing surface, and the motor reducer is used as the power transmission. We can parallel the multi-row chain plates, so that the chain conveyor is made wide and poorly formed. Speed, the speed difference of the multi-row chain plates makes the multi-row conveyance become a single-row conveyance without pressing, so as to meet the single-column conveying requirements of the conveying equipment such as beverage labeling, filling, and cleaning.

When transporting materials, the chain conveyor first sends out the operation signal, first jogs twice and then officially starts normally. After the chain conveyor runs for half a week, it stops, checks the scraper chain that has been turned over to the chute, and detects The degree of tightness of the traction chain, whether it is beating, scraping, deviation, drifting chain, etc., no problem after no-load operation, and then load test operation.

The problems found in the operation of the chain conveyor should be handled together with the squad leader and the electric fitter. When the problem is solved, the stop signal is issued first, the handle of the control switch is pulled to the power-off position and locked, and then the power-off card is hung. When the operation is started, the power-on signal is issued. After the front-end scraper conveyor starts to operate, it is activated twice, then officially starts, and then the sprinkler switch is turned on. Only the correct operation of the chain conveyor can minimize the frequency of failure of the chain conveyor during operation.

In addition, the chain conveyor should also pay attention to the following matters when conveying materials, otherwise it is prone to stack failure and affect the transportation efficiency of the entire production line. When the chain conveyor is in operation, it is necessary to pay attention to the operation of the motor of the head of the conveying equipment. If the temperature of the motor rises and the noise increases, the inspection should be carried out carefully, the operation center should be reported, and the lowering funnel should be closed. Stop the inspection. When the chain conveyor is in operation, it should also pay attention to the lubrication condition of the head star wheel at all times. If the bearing lacks oil, it should be refueled immediately with the manual oil pump.

When the chain conveyor is running, it should pay attention to the operation of the chain belt at any time. If the chain rail is adjusted in time, when the machine speed is slow, the funnel should be adjusted to prevent the material from being pressed. When the chain conveyor is running, pay attention to the unloading of the head funnel. If the nylon conveyor belt is found to block the material, immediately cut off the power switch and stop the operation to prevent the head funnel from blocking the chain. In addition, to ensure the normal operation of the chain conveyor, it is necessary to regularly check the equipment and equipment maintenance. After the chain conveyor is inspected, it must be strictly checked and accepted according to the acceptance criteria to ensure that the chain conveyor can be put into production in time after inspection. There is no failure in production. Therefore, it is generally not possible to use a belt conveyor for direct transportation, and a chain conveyor is often used to transport the hot return mine.

When the chain conveyor is running, check if the chain belt is too long. If it is too long, adjust the tail tensioning device. If there is a scraper at the end of the head or the chain wheel and the hopper are not flexible, you need to use the head and tail. The scraper is removed; the second is to add lean lubricant to the chain wheel to rotate the chain wheel; the third is to replace and process the inactive hopper to avoid the chain failure in the operation of the chain machine.

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