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The difference between semi-automatic sealing machine and automatic sealing machine

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The difference between semi-automatic sealing machine and automatic sealing machine

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The difference between semi-automatic sealing machine and automatic sealing machine

What are the advantages of semi-automatic and automatic sealing machines? What are the benefits of semi-automatic sealing machines? What are the advantages of semi-automatic sealing machines? What is the difference between them? Today, the main editors of Central are mainly introduced, the difference between them:

The fully automatic machine uses the adhesive tape to seal the carton. It is economical and easy to adjust. It can complete the upper and lower sealing actions at one time. It can also use printing tape to improve the product image. It is the first choice for enterprise automation packaging. Semi-automatic According to different carton specifications, the width and height are automatically adjusted, and the operation is convenient, simple and fast. The upper and lower font sealing is high, the degree of automation is high; the single machine operation is suitable for small batch and multi-standard production. It adopts the adhesive tape sealing and sealing effect. Flat, standardized, beautiful; can also use printing tape, can improve the product image. The key part of automatic is the drive motor. The greater the power of the motor, the better. It is the first choice for automated packaging enterprises.

Second, the scope of application: semi-automatic for household appliances, electronics, food, dairy, oil, cosmetics, beverages, electrical appliances and other manufacturing industries. Fully automatic for household appliances, textiles, food, daily necessities, pharmaceuticals, light industry, Chemical industry and other products packaging, carton sealing, can be sealed separately, can also be used with the baler into a production line, is the standard packaging line operations necessary equipment.

Third, the product features 1, semi-automatic can not automatically adapt to the size of the carton size, need to be manually intervened;

2. The service life is increasing and the sealing machine technology is very mature;

3. High precision, low noise, fast economy and easy adjustment.

1. Fully automatic is a device that can automatically adjust to the size of the carton by detecting;

2, easy to change, easy maintenance, horizontal sealing method, sealed neat and beautiful one-way side movement, smooth movement without noise, width change using automatic lifting design with pressure switch, so that the side pressure structure is open;

3, light and durable, simple operation, no noise; side belt drive, suitable for narrow carton; upper and lower skin drive, suitable for cartons.

Fourth, the use of semi-automatic: 1, install the tape roll. Install the tape roll on the sealing machine tape holder, and adjust the adjustment piece on the belt device, until the tube can be clamped, adjust the tension adjustment knob until When the tape is pulled, the tape can still rotate smoothly, and the tape is pulled out to the appropriate length and mounted on the roller.

2, adjust the machine. Loosen the nut nut, adjust the height of the table according to the operation needs, then lock the nut, take the box to be sealed, put it on the back of the workbench, and make the direction and sealing of the carton to be sealed The machine conveys in the same direction, and shakes the height adjustment handle to press the roller to the upper surface of the carton.

3. Sealing process operation. Press the power switch to start the machine, put the packing box on the conveying platform, manually send the carton into the conveyor belt for sealing, and manually put the carton at the designated place after the sealing machine is finished, then close Power switch to ensure safe operation.

Fully automatic: 1. First adjust the workbench to its height, take off the tripod locking screw, adjust the height, pull out the tripod adjustment bracket, and tighten the tripod locking screw.

2, turn the lifting handle, note that it is counterclockwise rotation, so that the upper movement of the seat is slightly higher than the carton to be sealed.

3. Push the carton into the belt conveyor, and put it into the length of about one-third of the length of the carton. According to the size of the box, loosen the guide bar to lock the handwheel, adjust the left and right guide bars and close them to the sides of the box, then move back and forth. The box allows it to pass smoothly, then tighten the handwheel.

4. Adjust the position of the guide wheel, loosen the hand wheel, push the guide wheel frame, make the guide wheel close to the sides of the box, and then lock the hand wheel, so that the carton sealing effect is more close. 5. Turn the lift to move the handle. Note that this time is a clockwise rotation. The upper conveyor belt comes into contact with the carton, then the carton is removed, and then the handle is shaken to lower the conveyor belt by a few millimeters.

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